Our success and your contentment begin with special attention to detail and preparation. We’ll provide you with a thorough analysis of your structure including a detailed cost breakdown – from design to fabrication, and execution, so you can develop your construction plan accordingly. We work meticulously with architects, engineers, contractors and project managers to provide the best design recommendations and comprehensive cost estimates for each project, this is just one of the many advantages our clients enjoy with King C Iron Works.




At King C, we use Building Information Modeling (BIM) services to ensure that our customers’ projects come together with maximum accuracy and efficiency. This collaborative planning method allows for all project stakeholders to access critical project information and make informed decisions throughout every stage of the project — meaning better finished products for customers in shorter turnaround time.


The combination of skillfulness and engineering is evident in the unique appearance of the stairs and railing manufactured by King C Iron Works. An extensive assortment of metals gives all of our products a distinction well-recognized by the construction community. Our assorted list of fabrications includes monumental stairs, arched stairs, spiral stairs and railings for commercial, industrial and residential use.



Our highly experienced fabrication team is a major part of our success. Our Peddinghaus PCD-1100 and Saw work together to bring any job a precise and efficient service. Our high tech fabrication facility employs sophisticated Tekla software which allows us to streamline the drafting and fabrication process. Our CNC Plasma Machine burns plate up to 4" thick, this only strengthens our capability in producing more on time and budget. All this translates to the excellent and timely service that King C Iron Works prides itself in and which its customers have come to expect for over 35 years.



King C's team of professional and expert installers have the capability to help complete any project on time. King C's team examines the safest and efficient approach to get all the steel on site and ready for install. 


No job is big or small for our crew. All parties will get notified when steel will arrive to site in-order mitigate any disturbances on site. 



King C strives to be a leader in the safety of our employees, we approach safety with accurate planning, great organization, and effective management. Our welders are licensed by DOB and AWS, guaranteeing full compliance with specifications. In addition to our monthly safety meetings, we provide equipment and resources that will make for a safe workplace. We also provide training for all of our  Project Managers and Foremen.



Our experienced staff is committed to providing the best quality and service in stud shooting while remaining competitive and professional in the marketplace. It is our goal to meet our customer's needs more effectively than our competitors through a process of continuous quality improvement.


Our heavy-duty steel stud welding system comes with a fully integrated diesel generator, SC3400 Heavy Duty Stud Welder with its own portable power source, which enables us to finish jobs effectively and efficiently, without the costly take of disconnecting the power and moving the unit as the job requires.