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Located in Brooklyn, NY, King C is a structural fabricator which stands ready to give our clients the best possible experience. 


Established in 1980, King C is a family business with strong values and great customer service. Utilizing the technology at their disposal to gain a great reputation, King C provides customers with unmatched service and a quality product. Due to its firm reputation for consistent quality and reliability, customers began to inquire about services outside of their traditional offering. As King C's services evolved, structural steel fabrication became a key portion of the business. King C has always responded to customer needs with punctuality, quality, and ethics – that is how our business has evolved.


In 2008, King C made the decision to move from compressor maintenance into structural steel fabrication utilizing automatic processing. With the capacity to fabricate just over 1000 tons a year manually, King C knew that the only way to stay competitive in the fast-paced market was to automate production by adding CNC machinery to their production line.


Today, we at King C Iron Works, Inc take our work and our responsibility to our customers very seriously. From bid to completion, we go the extra mile to earn your confidence and exceed your expectations. At King C Iron Works, we never look at a job in the context of a single project. Our business philosophy stresses the importance of approaching each contract as a relationship-building opportunity.


It is King C Iron Works policy to place particular emphasis on experience, expertise, capability, reliability, and quality. We believe that a high standard of quality is essential to our objectives and the continued growth and success of the company.


270 Randolph Street

Brooklyn, NY 11237


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